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Website Management

$149$149 - $429
$149$149 - $429
  • Let us do the work of Updating, Securing, and Maintaining your website 24/7

  • Unlimited pages
  • Template-based design
  • Hosting & domain
  • Update & Security
  • Maintenance
  • CMS
  • Photo gallery
  • Ecommerce

Social Media Management

$249$249 - $599
$249$249 - $599
  • We will create your Username Handle across the web for the most important Social Media Pages of your business.

  • Infinite social network
  • Account creation
  • Account optimization
  • Social media audit
  • Weekly posts
  • Monitoring & Engagement
  • Marketing & reporting
  • Analytics Dashboard

Complete Plan

$299$299 - $999
$299$299 - $999
  • We can start your Online Presence from the ground up and guarantee a great foundation.

  • Website Management
  • Social Media creation
  • Graphics Design
  • Premium SEO
  • Social media advertisement
  • Content Creation
  • Google My Business
  • Brand guidlines

Q & A

We are usually asked about

What is PresenceManager's Main Goal?

To offer you a variety of services and tools to promote, manage, and maintain your brand’s online presence. This could include web design and development, SEO, blogging, social media management, and much more.

Do PresenceManagers' Create Online Presence from scratch?

Yes, We will create your Social Media Handles and grow them to your company needs

How PresenceManager's take Payments?

More information coming soon!

How do I contact the Presence Manager team?

More information coming soon!

How is my Presence Manager Planned?

More information coming soon!

Does the Presence Manager team manage my Graphic Design Tasks?

Yes. PresenceManager have a team of dedicated graphic designers that will take care of all your graphic designs work.

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