Who we are

Presence Manager is a small online presence optimization company composed of a tight-knit team of digital marketing professionals. Members of the Web Presence Group include graphic artists, copywriters, web designers, marketing strategists, and website developers.

Our Mission Statement

We provide a system which will be in charge of administering , growing, and updating your online presence.

Why Are We in Business

To liberate the customer of the tedious and complicated digital world.

Who Are Our Customers

Anybody who understand the value of an online Digital Presence.

Why are we different?

We have a universal system that grows to be tailored to your online digital presence only.
Are you in Google My Business?

Our Portfolio

We take on the responsibility of maintaining & growing your digital outlets such as your Google My Business, Website, Social Media Accounts, and online advertising campaigns. Our #1 goal is to drive sales to your business by taking full advantage of our state of the art Online Presence Management System. Our System is designed to withstand every aspect of your Business Online Presence by planning long-lasting and profitable campaigns as well as quickly responding to local events that could benefit your image.

The main goal of PM is to create an online presence and build your brand. This type of marketing tactic will create more traffic to your sites and overall increase your profits. When PM is done right you will rank higher in search engines, your brand awareness will increase, you will gain a wider audience and customer base, and will be able to market your services or products more easily. A greater online presence will organically lead people to you!


How we can be useful for you

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Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

PresenceManager offers Full Online Presence Management Subscription, Website Management Subscription. and Social Media Management Subscription services.

Online Presence Management Services

We can start your Online Presence from the ground up and guarantee a great foundation.

Social Media Management

We will create your Username Handle across the web for the most important Social Media Pages of your business.

Graphic Design Services

We will manage your online advertisement across the platforms such as Google Advertisement, Facebook Advertisement, Bing Advertisement

Business Websites

We take care of the online image of your business, so you don’t have to. Our professional business website services take care of everything for you. From domain registration, to developing a full on business website your customers can easily navigate and take advantage of.


With our search engine optimization experts, a well researched long-tail and short-tail key-phrases that will make your products and services rank high on SERPs. Your business visibility and reach is guaranteed.

Google My Business

We all have seen those nice, informative, and convenient information boxes on the right side of Google. We can create those to give your customers easier ways to find your business

Posts & Stories

Our team of graphic design experts working hand-in-hand with our social media planning team will create and publish impactful posts and stories that will drive engagement to your page and eventually leads and conversion.

Posting & Scheduling

A very important part of our work is keeping your audience satisfied and engaged. To achieve this, will deploy professional tools that automate most of our posting and publishing, helping us to maintain accuracy and punctuality.

Optimization & Automation

Whether there are existing accounts or we are to create new accounts for your brand. An optimized online presence is required for maximum visibility. In our chain of implementation, optimization is a most, and automation helps us to maintain accuracy.

Logo Design

Our team of professional graphic designers will bring your idea to life. The process will be enjoyable from the moment you fill out our creative logo form, to the moment you receive delivery of your masterpiece!

Brand Guidelines

You can be sure to have a professional brand identity with us. We brand and rebrand your business, giving you proper guidelines and instruction in order to (give your business a uniform brand identity across platforms) maintain brand uniformity across streams.

Advertisement Materials

Making you succeed online is our top priority, and to achieve that objective, we will put together a well researched information/materials your business need in order to achieve it goals.

We are open for partnership

Have a project for us? Get in touch!

Meet the Team

We specialize in driving results for you.
Presence Manager is an online presence management agency. We provide social media management, digital marketing, email management, online presence management, coaching and website, and app development services.
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Operations Hero

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